Can you believe it? I finally moved to the new Humanities and Social Sciences Building.  I said hasta la vista to  ARH, albeit with a bit of nostalgia (I was there for 9 years) and relocated to my new space on the second floor. HSSC is amazing ! I have a window again !


Celebrating Cervantes !

Colleague Prof. Rebecca Bender invited me to  give a lecture at KSU on November 10, 2016 for the Spanish Department’s Celebración Cervantina. My presentation titled, Read me a story Mr. Cervantes: Reading and Writing Practices in Early Modern Spain, was an exciting way to share my love for Don Quixote and my current research on reading/writing practices in 17th century Spain. I was flattered with the enthusiastic turnout,  the warm welcome, and the inquisitive questions form students and faculty. Thanks so much to Professor Bender, the Spanish Club and everyone  at KSU that contributed to making my visit a success.

Rare Book School

I began my sabbatical by attending an intense and truly motivating  Rare Book School course titled “Textual Mobilities” at U Penn lead by Roger Chartier and John Pollack.  In the process  I “discovered” a  huge collection of Spanish comedias waiting to be enjoyed. I can’t wait to return to Philadelphia !


Learning to make paper

Many thanks to  Eden Marek ’15 Artists@Grinnell Fellow for teaching  my SPN 320  Early Modern Visual Culture class how to make paper. She was so patient with all of us (especially me!) and made the experience fun and engaging.  I will post pictures  of the codices my students created with their handmade paper soon.